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  • n says:

    You all are missing several shows that were on the new edition of this website yesterday
    .. These shows include the soup, hot in Cleveland… Please resolve these issues since I don’t understand how all of the links could be there on the new domain name but now the domain name has changed again there are quite a few shows missing

    • uSerunknown says:

      The problem is always with the website, the issue is when an uploader adds a lot of episodes of a show at once, they “push” the others down and out of the listing. Do you know there is an alphabetical show listing here? That way you can search by title:

      Hope this helps

  • Alan says:

    Website is different now, but my biggest complaint is that instead of link names you now have version numbers to link with instead of names…that would be o.k. but on each different show the link numbers do not send you to the same site as in the others. Like one one show version 5 sends you to 180 upload yet on a different show version 5 sends you to a different site, could you either put down the name of the site folks are going to or keep all you numbered version sites the same.

    Thank you,

    • wshd says:

      Hello! We know about this issue. Just that it takes few more time till all the links cache is rebuilt so it will be properly displayed. Thank you for your patience!

      • amber says:

        could you PETTY PLEASE add the new episodes of THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW? the new season of the steve wilkos showed started on 9-15-14…..if your able to add the newest eppisodes that would be so awesome! thanks

  • Richard Verheij says:

    Why is the A-Z list gone?
    that was a great list to browse

  • rose says:

    thank you for all your hard work. its good to let you know about the issues but people r not patient when they are getting free service here.
    u guys r doing cool !

  • CRZYLINKS says:


  • If you are trying to get me, and others to stop using your sight, keep up your new strategy of not identifying the source links for downloads. It works GREAT it stopping my from wasting time trying to find a download that works. I will keep checking over the next week to see if you realize how badly this works. If it does not change by then, I will simply find another source. It’s an inconvenience for me, but I would hope, it’s a bigger deal for you and your advertisers.

    • Tim says:

      Its a free service you cunt. don’t like it? fuck off then.

      • eric says:

        amen!!! i haven’t paid for cable in over 3 years. thank you for everything!!!

      • Debbie says:

        Well said Tim! I can’t believe all the bitching and moaning. It sure is a free service and I appreciate all the work you guys do immensely to give me free entertainment for hours on end. Thanks for all your hard work, and your regular efforts to improve the service. You guys rock!!!

    • amber says:

      excatly tim, people wanting to bitch about something others do for us FOR FREE!!!! STFU…..if you think you can do it better please try…im guessing you cant even come close to what these kind people do, so till you can do it your dam self keep your rude comments to your self when it comes to people that CAN do it, and who DO do it!!! for FREE done the less!!! SMH #snob

  • Duncan says:

    Can you set series selection to watchlist instead of just a singular episode.

    Thank you, I love your site.

  • Steve says:

    what happened to silicon valley?

  • BRian says:

    Why do you moderate and delete negative comments. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

  • Tommy says:

    Great to see that the links no longer, after some loading on nowvideo, redirect to the old watchseries homepage. Only additional copy and paste and loading the link worked.

    Thanks for your great site and all the work


  • andy says:

    when is the rest of chrome underground go be on

  • m says:

    Hey Narutard. Take that crap to gogoanime already.

  • Thanks says:

    How great that you posted the Rockford Files! Please consider posting other classic tv series, too.

  • jean paul says:

    What happened to this week Extreme makeover? it has no links.

  • briana says:

    Hi, i haven’t seen the episode 2 and 3 of the new tv show Rush. Can you please upload them for me please. i love your website and keep up the good work!!!

  • Debra says:

    What’s up with no links except for the sponsored ones?

    This used to be a really great site for current television programs.

    What happened?

  • David says:

    Why does your last 350 episodes contain 350 episodes of a single show (e.g. 350 episodes of Big Brother) ?

  • nicolas q says:

    great websites, forgive the little olivers who only want more more and more. I asked for a few new colbert reports and you gents deliverd the ENTIRE freaken show, well played. You are the tops, regards

  • cre says:

    is there something you all can do about the large amount of ‘latest episodes’ that keep getting piled on to the front page? While I appreciate the fact that someone added ‘The Joy of Painting’ I don’t want to fish through 200+ separate links

  • tony_pr says:


  • amber says:

    could you PETTY PLEASE add the new episodes of THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW? the new season of the steve wilkos showed started on 9-15-14…..if your able to add the newest eppisodes that would be so awesome! thanks

  • Bogey says:

    Dateline episodes don’t work

  • Jon says:

    Please add Ice Lake Rebels, I really like this show.

  • Jon says:

    Please add episodes of Ice Lake Rebels, thanks!

  • Jammy says:


  • Aaron says:

    please post Ice Lake Rebels episodes

  • Joe says:

    Hi there,

    Would appreciate it if someone could post all past episodes of Location Location Location and Phil Spencer Secret Agent. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • hd says:

    Where’s the latest Jeopardy?

  • amber says:

    THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW, i have posted a bunch of different replies, at different times, in hopes that an admin might read it and be able to add the most recent episodes of THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW, season 8, but i have not yet got a reply or response, i am not trying to complain at all, in no way would i do that. this is a great site that i have watched my shows on for many years and i relies that you guys are very busy, but i have searched and searched myself everywhere online and can not find the most recent episodes of steve wilkos, i figured if there was going to be anyone that would be able to help me find them it would be you guys! YALL ARE AWESOME…..if you get this could you PLEASE reply so i know that a admin was able to read this, thank you very much…and have a awesome day!

  • jpj says:

    Thanks for the great site and for posting some classic tv shows. If possible can you post eps of Quincy M.E. and post working links for Courtship of Eddie’s Father?

  • andy says:

    why put things on that everyone has seen and put things on thats new like upto date south beach towing

  • marie says:

    Planet Europe please post!

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