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American Dad! S03E07 Surro-Gate

Stan puts his foot down on Greg and Terry having a baby, but despite that unknown to Stan, Francine agrees to be Greg & Terry's surrogate. Meanwhile, after Steve and Roger send Klaus and fishbowl down a water slide, Klaus vows revenge. Release title: …

Nowhere Boys S02E06 Episode #2.6

Add a Plot Release title:

American Dad! S03E06 42-Year-Old Virgin

Stan reluctantly reveals he has never actually killed anyone since he started working at the CIA, so his poker friends, along with Roger, help him make his first kill. Release title: American.Dad!.S03E06.42-Year-Old.Virgin.WEB-DL.720p.x264_watchserieshd….

American Dad! S03E05 Haylias

Stan finally must deal with the fact that as a little girl, Hayley was brainwashed and trained as a secret CIA sleeper agent. He activates her to keep her from boarding a plane to France but unless he disables her within a couple of days, she will tr …

American Dad! S03E04 Big Trouble in Little Langley

After the lastest visit by Francine's adoptive parents, he decided he must find her real parents. Release title: American.Dad!

American Dad! S03E03 Dope and Faith

Stan finds the perfect guy to be friends with except for one small detail. Brett is an atheist, so Stan tries anything he can to get Brett to convert. Meanwhile, to prank Steve, Roger makes him believe he has been accepted in Hogwarts Wizard's Schoo …

American Dad! S03E02 Meter Made

After Stan punches a male meter maid during a disagreement over a parking ticket, a judge sentences him to two weeks of community service, as a meter maid. However Stan & Francine find the lifestyle too seductive. Meanwhile, Hayley poses in the nude …

American Dad! S03E01 The Vacation Goo

Francine longs for a true family vacation after she discovers Stan has been implanting them with false memories of great vacations for years thanks to goo tanks from the CIA. When Stan takes the family on a cruise Francine still doesn't believe it's …

American Dad! S02E19 Joint Custody

In order to get Jeff out of his life, Stan & Roger return him to Florida to face criminal charges he has pending. However, after meeting Jeff's father, Stan begins to have second thoughts. Meanwhile, Steve obtains a second sight after an electrical …

American Dad! S02E18 The Magnificent Steven

In an attempt to man up Steve, Stan takes him, along with Snot, Toshi & Barry on a cattle drive. Meanwhile, Roger pits Hayley & Francine against each other to find out who's the prettiest girl in the house. Release title: American.Dad!.S02E18.The….