Episodes available for: ‘Tosh.0’

Tosh 0 S06E25 Kayak

Tosh.0 S06E24 Daniel checks up on the subjects of past Web Redemptions

Tosh.0 S06E02 Girl on a Date; Give Away Car; Ice JJ Fish Web Redemption

Tosh.0 S06E03 Game That Censors Hate; Web Redemption for Guy Who Doesn’t Take Direction from Women

Tosh.0 S06E04 Daniel speaks to Congress and has lunch with a homeless man; a child forced to enter the workforce gets a Web redemption

Tosh.0 S06E05 Offensive Attorney Plays Pin the Tail on the Donkey; Web Redemption for Dog Trapped in Man’s Body

Tosh.0 S06E06 Daniel makes the audience drink something he made from a toilet; overpriced headphones; a teacher gets a Web redemption

Tosh.0 S06E07 Daniel rids the world of homophobia with the Prancing Elites; turns your horrific tweets into a book for children; touches one lucky fan emotionally

Tosh 0 S06E23 Two Barely Literate Rappers Try To Rhyme

Tosh.0 S06E08 Never Take Your Girlfriend to the Ballgame; Web Redemption for 49-Year-Old Comedian